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1.  Theoretical and fundamental biomechanics and biomedical engineering – chair – prof. habil. dr. M. Mariūnas (VGTU)

2. Clinical biomechanics – chair –  habil. dr. J. Brožaitienė (Lithianian University of Health Science)

3. Sport biomechanics – chair – assoc. prof. dr. A. Domeika (Kaunas University of Technology )

4. Biomechatronics – chair - assoc. prof. dr. V. Eidukynas (Kaunas University of Technology );

5. Analysis of biosignals, communication and environment control – chair - prof. habil. dr. V. Lauruška (Šiauliai University);

6. Informatics and information technologies in medicine – chair – assoc. prof. dr. Julius Griškevičius (VGTU)

7. Rehabilitation technologies in medicine - prof. habil. dr. G. Žiliukas (KMU, Institue of Psychophysiology and rehabilitation, Palanga);

8. Applied biomechanics – chair – assoc. Prof. dr. E. Jotautienė (ASU)

9.  Biophotonics – this section is not yet fully formed.